I grant the Eurochambres, worldwide rights (hereafter “the Rights”) to use my Image taken, through photographs and films, on the occasion of this event.

The rights include:

  1. use for its own purposes; and for copying or reproducing it in whole or in part, in unlimited numbers);
  2. distribution to the public (in particular, publication as hard copies and in electronic or digital format, publication on the internet, as a downloadable or non-downloadable file, broadcasting by any channel, public display or presentation, communicating through press information services, or inclusion in widely accessible databases or indexes);
  3. editing or redrafting for communication and publicising activities (including shortening, summarising, inserting other elements (such as meta-data, legends, other graphic, visual, audio or text elements), extracting parts (e.g. audio or video files), dividing into parts, use in a compilation);
  4. storage in paper, electronic or other form;
  5. archiving,
  6. the right to authorise third parties to act on its behalf or sub-license the modes of use set out

This authorisation is given free of charge.

Should a legend or caption be written on or near the Image by Eurochambres, it will preserve my reputation. Eurochambres cannot be held responsible for the use of the Image by third parties not being covered by this authorization.

I understand that the this agreement binds successors and potential assigns.