“What next for Better Law-Making in Europe? Getting the Quality and Quantity Right”


Ten years on from the EU’s Inter-Institutional Agreement on Better Law-Making - and with the current mandates of the European Commission and European Parliament approaching their end - the conference will take stock of if/how the EU policy-making process has improved over the last decade. It will look in detail at the challenge of further improving the initiation, drafting, implementation and evaluation of Union laws over the next five-year European Commission and Parliament terms.

The conference will be divided into two panel sessions devoted to “Policy initiation, development and adoption” and “Policy implementation and review”. Distinguished guests from the three EU institutions and recognised experts on regulatory reform have agreed to contribute their thinking and reflections to the event.

We are convinced that this event will be thought-provoking and provide some valuable and concrete recommendations for enhancing the EU policy-making process for the 2014-2019 cycle.