Press Release

ENVI sets unrealistic climate targets at risk of existing merely on paper


EUROCHAMBRES has expressed concern that yesterday‘s vote in the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament to cut EU greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030 goes against the business community’s need for realistic targets, planning security and flexibility to react to shocks.

EUROCHAMBRES supports ambitious climate protection measures including the target of 2050 climate neutrality. However, these come with significant challenges for the economy. The EU has the most ambitious climate policy in place, the focus must therefore be on enabling businesses to actively take part in and shape the transition to a low-carbon economy.

From the point of view of the European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the transposition of existing legislation, implemented with cost-efficient measures, has to be the top priority of lawmakers. Anticipating the result of a pending impact assessment by increasing the emission reduction target for 2030 to beyond the range suggested by the Commission is destabilizing when businesses need planning security and predictability in order to invest. The interests of both the business and consumer communities were overlooked by that target change.

Chambers nonetheless welcome the deletion of the power to adopt delegated acts to the Commission and instead base a potential adaptation of the emission reduction trajectory on an impact assessment and a legislative proposal.

“There is no doubt about Europe’s leadership on climate protection and the crucial role of businesses. The Green Deal must give the support needed to overcome the economic crisis and to invest in innovative solutions and environmental protection. We therefore call for a masterplan with realistic and flexible steps till 2050 to realize the goal and a responsible attitude instead of a political competition on the highest number”, Christoph Leitl, President of EUROCHAMBRES, stated as a first reaction.