Eurochambres input for public consultations on the micro-credentials framework and the initiative for individual learning accounts


Micro-credentials should adhere to four guiding principles that will ensure their usefulness to both businesses and learners while also contributing to labor market performance:

- prioritization of courses based on their relevance to labor market needs;

- no threat to current formal qualifications in vocational education;

- a provider's voluntary submission to the framework;

- an increase of trust and transparency in training opportunities.


Individual learning accounts could be one of the potential solutions to better assist businesses in initiating job-related training opportunities. The ILAs should:

- supplement, rather than replace, employers' critical role as training initiators;

- assist businesses in covering the costs of the growing demand for job-related training; and

- consider the AC VT's position on ILAs;

- be closely linked to national and regional instruments for skill forecasting.