Best practices of European SME’s exporting to China during or after COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the largest disruption in public health and economy that most of us have ever faced. Businesses around the world have felt its effects, and it is undeniably that SMEs have experienced an even more severe impact due to higher levels of vulnerability and lower resilience related to their size. While it is early to understand the full impact of the crisis and its long-term implications, there are now some steps that SMEs can take to help improve the situation, position their businesses and thrive beyond it and internationalisation is one of them.

China was the only major economy to register growth in 2020 thanks to a combination of government-led investment, the boost of innovative technologies and the rapid response of the authorities to the pandemic. This fast recovery has generated fresh and new opportunities for European entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, the market access and regulatory restrictions of the Chinese market, force companies to continuously innovate and adapt.

The EU SME Centre, Eurochambres, and Voka – Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mechelen-Kempen are pleased to invite you for a webinar on "Best practices of European SME's exporting to China during and after Covid-19: Lessons from business who navigated through the crisis imposed by this pandemic". The webinar is free of charge and will take place online on 14 October from 10:00-12:00 (CET). 

This webinar will bring together European companies from various industries to share how they have been doing business in China during the pandemic. The presentations will help EU SMEs identify potential opportunities in China to facilitate resurgence and to develop a long-term business strategy in the country.