Delivering the EU 2021 industrial Strategy: from policy to action


The EU 2021 Industrial Strategy aimed at supporting the twin transition of Europe’s industry to a green and digital economic amid the Covid-19 crisis. However, the damage brought by successive confinement measures as well as shortages in strategic goods and components, exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, continue to jeopardise Europe’s competitiveness. Simultaneously, the Industrial Forum composed by a wide variety of stakeholders, assists the European Commission in tracking the implementation of the Strategy and supporting cross-border and cross-ecosystem collaboration.

In order to reflect on future industrial developments, it is important to take stock of the initiatives undertaken by the Commission and the European Parliament’s calls to rebuild key vulnerable ecosystems, address the supply chain disruption, and strengthen the resilience of the Single Market.

What is the future of Europe’s industrial capacity in a context of growing political uncertainty? How can EU institutions guarantee that the current regulatory framework will enable industrial transformation? What infrastructures, resources and investments do businesses need to ensure efficiency and growth?

Eurochambres invites its members to attend the online event “Delivering the EU 2021 Industrial Strategy: from policy to action“ to discuss about the answers to these questions and engage with EU policymakers on how to bring sustainable and digital solutions to Europe’s industrial fabric and create the basis for long-term prosperity and innovation.

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