EU-GCC Invest High Level Conference


With bilateral trade flows reaching almost €145 billion in 2012, the EU is the first trading partner for the 6 countries of the GCC, and reversely, GCC accounts for 4.2% of total EU trade.

While the GCC markets offer indeed good export opportunities for European companies, it is becoming more evident that the GCC countries are looking for long term investments from foreign companies in order to build up their national economies. Technology is often sourced from countries which are investing in the GCC, expressing their long term commitment.

Still, due a stagnant negotiation process, other means of dialogue need to be developed in order to stimulate economic cooperation and create confidence between both blocs.

Against this background, together with the support of the European Parliament, EUROCHAMBRES has co-organized a half-day conference to discuss trade and investment opportunities between both regions. In particular, the conference will explore obstacles that hinder the promotion of this relationship; the role of the public and the private sector; and address which concrete measures can be taken on both sides.