Conference on the Future of Europe: WKÖ advocates for measures to strengthen Europe as business location


The Conference on the Future of Europe calls on citizens, businesses and stakeholders like the social partners to contribute with ideas on how the European Union can become fit for the future. From the point of view of WKÖ, the EU must promote Europe's economic recovery after the COVID-19 crisis, create a better environment for businesses and support them to seize the opportunities of the digital and green transformation in the best possible way. To ensure that European business can compete successfully on a global level and create growth and jobs also in the future, WKÖ advocates for the following measures to strengthen Europe as business location ( full version can be accessed here):

  1. A competitive and resilient Europe
  • Deepening the Single Market, making it more resilient and larger
  • Actively shaping trade policy and guaranteeing Europe’s open strategic autonomy, crisis resilience and security of supply
  • Creating a European Health Union involving businesses
  • Strengthening the rule of law by including the economic dimension and cutting red tape for businesses
  • Securing sustainable public finances and advancing work on the capital markets union
  1. A sustainable Europe
  • Consistently advocating climate neutrality on a global level
  • Supporting the decarbonisation of transport
  • Securing energy supply and making licensing procedures fit for climate-friendly projects
  1. A digital and innovative Europe
  • Pushing forward the development of key enabling technologies in Europe
  • Strengthening framework conditions for innovative companies and the innovative power of SMEs
  • Considering data as a strategic resource and enhancing their accessibility
  • Strengthening the European Cyber Security Economy and promoting digital education 

You can endorse our ideas here, on the digital platform for the Conference on the Future of Europe, by logging in with your EU Login.  Automatic translation of all ideas is provided by the platform. Some of the ideas submitted to the digital platform will be discussed further by the European Citizen Panels and the Plenary. The results of the Conference on the Future of Europe will be presented in a report in spring 2022. Concrete follow-up by the EU institutions could be for ex. legislative measures or even treaty changes