WKÖ publishes its EU Agenda 2020-2024 for an economically strong Europe


What does Europe need after Covid-19? The Austrian chamber has published its ideas to rebuild Europe’s economy and to ensure its resilience.

The Corona pandemic has hit Europe's economy hard and put Europe's strength to the test. To restore growth and jobs as quickly as possible and to use the crisis to transform towards digitisation and sustainability, a common European recovery strategy and the redirection of resources is necessary.

The multiannual financial framework and the reconstruction plan must focus on activities that contribute most to the recovery from the COVID 19 crisis and to future resilience, and which have a clear benefit over national measures. These are areas such as innovation, research and digitisation, climate protection, but also education, artificial intelligence and cyber security.

The WKÖ's EU 2020-2024 agenda sets out what is needed to rebuild and make Europe's economy resilient:

  • Promoting entrepreneurship, supporting reindustrialisation and actively shaping trade policy
  • Restoring the internal market and the Schengen area and promoting employment
  • Accelerating innovation and digitisation
  • Harmonising sustainability internationally

The full version of the Agenda 2020-2024 can be accessed here.