Press Release

Chambers welcome today’s proposed Long-term EU Climate Strategy


EUROCHAMBRES, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry support a
comprehensive and consistent Strategy for long-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction. We
acknowledge the huge challenges ahead of the European economy and are aware of its essential
role in overcoming them. The Strategy proposed by the European Commission, “A clean Planet for
all”, is a solid starting point for the debate on future action. Europe has the most ambitious targets
worldwide. In our view, discussions should thus primarily focus on measures needed in the
different scenarios.
We welcome the fact that the emissions reduction goal for 2030, namely 40%, has not been revised
upwards. In addition, we welcome that the Commission strongly underlines the importance of international
coordination and cooperation. The World Energy Outlook 2018 projects a decline in fossil fuel demand in
the EU for the next decades while the global consumption increases in the same timeframe. The EU will
not be able to tackle the challenge of man made climate change on its own. In this regard,
EUROCHAMBRES also support the Commission in its approach to strengthen international trade ties.
European industry actively contributes to the green economy in other world regions by exporting highly
efficient technology and know-how. It is paramount that the EU can provide a viable and attractive business
case for other regions to follow.
The Strategy proposes several possible scenarios towards net-zero-emissions and as such is already much
more detailed and precise than its predecessor from 2011. It clearly shows the diversity of challenges the
EU faces on its way to reach the Paris goals. Energy efficiency, clean mobility, infrastructure development,
innovative technologies, channelling investment in the right direction but above all the competitiveness of
the European companies play key roles.
“Regulatory stability and coherence is acknowledged by the Commission as a very important part of
achieving our climate objectives. EUROCHAMBRES second that and will hold the Commission to its
words.”, Arnaldo Abruzzini, CEO of EUROCHAMBRES said, and added: “The European economy and
especially SMEs stand ready to do their share, a clear vision and concise action from policy makers is vital
for them to be able to do so. A strong coordination with business organisations is thus paramount to reach
our goals.“