Eurochambres position on Better Regulation


The European regulatory framework must enable the creation of a business-friendly environment and the establishment of a level playing field for SMEs so that they can adapt to unforeseen changes and contribute to job creation and economic growth.

Eurochambres welcomes the Commission’s effort to improve its better regulation agenda by complementing good governance procedures with appropriate law-making tools and instruments that increase the quality of impact assessments.

The COVID-19 outbreak, and the containment measures introduced to mitigate its effects, severely impacted the small business community. EU officials and politicians must carefully evaluate the implications of relevant legislative initiatives for SMEs and should work towards alleviating unnecessary regulatory burdens that may jeopardise the recovery process.

Eurochambres advocates for a simpler, fit-for-purpose and proportional law-making approach for small businesses to thrive and for better enforcement of EU rules within and beyond European borders.