Eurochambres position on the European Commission proposal to revise the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD)


As the network of European chambers of commerce and industry, we acknowledge that the revision of specific aspects of the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD) is necessary to reflect the technological developments of the last 20 years. However, we call for balanced and effective modifications, that consider the current economic environment and the multiple crises in Europe. The revision should avoid imposing additional taxes on EU transport operators and ultimately on businesses and consumers, especially if the outcome will have no impact on reducing carbon emissions.

Eurochambres reiterates that the aviation and maritime industries have a strategic role for the EU’s economic resilience, with additional importance for businesses and citizens located in peripheral EU member states. It is crucial that operators continue providing services at a price that is competitive and affordable.

These industries already contribute taxes in different forms to national systems and should not be overloaded with further financial burdens, particularly at this time of international economic crisis. The aviation and maritime industries must continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions through RDI and enabling the right conditions for private investment in green technologies. More taxation is not the way of achieving this.

While remaining fully committed to the EU’s green deal objectives, having considered the issues above, Eurochambres calls on the deletion of Articles 14 and 15 from the revision of the Energy Tax Directive and to retain the current exemption of taxation on the use of kerosene fuel by the aviation and maritime sectors.