War in Ukraine


Eurochambres and many national chambers are maintaining contact with our colleagues at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who are striving to continue to support member companies in the most difficult circumstances. Other chambers have been engaged in offering advice and assistance to companies active in the region and are mobilizing to provide humanitarian support.

Building a future for war affected Ukrainian children: the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched ‘Stand With Ukraine’, a charitable foundation to give Ukrainian children from occupied and combat territories an opportunity to live in peace and build their future. The national chamber is working in collaboration with regional chambers, international organisations and other foundations to provide humanitarian aid and assistance for the recovery of children impacted by Russia’s aggression.

Here you will learn initiatives by chambers across the European network in support of Ukraine.

  • Eurochambres statement on the Ukraine crisis
  • Bulgarian CCI collects all information on donations, local initiatives, integration of migrants оn the labor market in Bulgaria. Here is the link to access the information.
  • The Czech Chamber of Commerce created a campaign to help ensure the most urgent needs in coordination with the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague. All the details here.
  • The National Defense Promotion Foundation, founded by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Defense, launched a charity donation campaign to support the treatment of victims of the Ukrainian war in Estonia or other allied countries. The information in Estonian is available here.
  • Finnish Chamber has coordinated the humanitarian aid of Finnish companies to Ukraine quickly and directly. The first truckloads of goods have arrived in Ukraine and more trucks are currently on their way and leaving.  In total, the goods have already arrived for half a million euros and there are already promises of donations from companies for more than one million euros. The information in Finnish is available here.
  • CCI France has concentrated all information related to the impact of the war, the impact of sanctions on French companies and support for companies here.
  • The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) has bundled all information about aid transports, donations, transfers of people from the war zone and business-related impacts of the war together with the BDI, BDA and ZDH on a special portal that can be accessed here.
  • Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce with the support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Finance has set up a helpdesk to provide coordinated support to Luxembourg companies potentially impacted by the current situation and its economic consequences. All the information can be found here.
  • Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce is collecting donations to be used to transport refugees from Ukraine to the Polish border, provide medical supplies and other items such as food, baby clothes, and hygiene products, and organize psychological assistance for refugees. All the details in Polish are available here.
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia has been addressing all challenges of the war in Ukraine, in particular ways and means of support to victims, donation contributions entry-point for its member companies and all other business-related impact of the war on special portal here.