Italian Chambers of Commerce at the service of the digitalization of companies: the Network of Punti Impresa Digitale-PID (Digital company one stop shops)


Promoting the culture and the adoption of digital technology in Italian SMEs of all economic sectors: this, in summary, is the objective of Punti impresa digitale – PID (, a network of 88 desks located at the Italian Chambers of Commerce.  Coupled to these desks, is the contribution of a "virtual" network which employs the use of a wide range of digital tools: assessment tools, video and tutorial, forums and communities.



Since its establishment in 2017, the PID network has achieved important results in the involvement and engagement of companies, making a concrete contribution to the diffusion of digital tools among SMEs and promoting competitiveness of the Italian productive fabric. To date, PID services, supported by a staff of about 500 qualified specialistsVon digital topics, innovation and technology transfer, have reached over 300,000 users, with:

information activities (meetings and seminars on technologies 4.0 and their possible applications in the different sectors)

Digital assessment of companies (measurement of the level of digital maturity, necessary to identify the best improvement strategies)

Digital Skill Voyager ( - a tool to evaluate the digital skills of students, workers and managers with gamification techniques – available in Italian, English, German)

Economic support for digitization (vouchers for the purchase of training, consulting and technologies 4.0)

Mentoring services (managers with strong skills in the field of technologies 4.0 provide their specialist support in choosing the best digitization strategy to implement)

Guidance services (through the portal, companies are oriented towards the national bodies that work to support innovation and digitalization of companies).

During this year - also in view of the health emergency linked to the spread of Covid-19, which has led to serious critical needs for the entire Italian production system - the PID network is active in promoting partnerships aimed at promoting "European Innovation Networks", both through collaboration with the EEN - Enterprise Europe Network, and through initiatives aimed at the establishment of the European Digital Innovation Hub within the Digital Europe programme.